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Joe Arnold presenting commercialization of OpenStack Object Storage

Really enjoyed sharing our experiences deploying several petabytes of OpenStack Object Storage service (Swift) at the OpenStack conference. Great questions all around.

Major points were:

  • Offer storage alongside other other services not as a standalone service.
  • Take advantage of fault tolerance by using lower-cost, commodity equipment. Hardware for a petabyte of durable storage can be had for $750,000.
  • Build a cross-functional team to deal with system design, software development and operations.

Also see my post on the cloudscaling blog: OpenStack Object Storage basics Q&A

Check out my post about the first commercial OpenStack deployment over at Cloudscaling: OpenStack Object Storage Moves Beyond Rackspace

Petabyte Deployment of OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

Usable Petabyte of OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)

Talking about Object Storage Ecosystems at the OpenStack Conference

I just gave a talk at the OpenStack Conference on deploying the Object Storage, Swift. Here are the slides! Click through to slideshare if you want to read the speaker notes.

Thanks goes to Val Beck with the slide designs! Thank you!

OpenStack must build an ecosystem to survive. They’ve enlisted a lot of help to build a community including Cloudscaling — Community – Cloudscaling. How this differs from other open-source products is that OpenStack will never have an ‘enterprise’ version (at least provided by Rackspace).

Rackspace is not in the game to sell ‘cloud-in-a-box’ software to service providers. For this strategy to be successful, they have to explicitly not offer a paid version of CloudStack. For a community to catch hold, an ecosystem of service providers, hardware vendors, infrastructure software providers and cloud systems integrators must have a stake in the outcome.

Rackspace is behind Amazon’s AWS in the infrastructure-as-a-service space. As a new crop of competition enters the market over the next few years, Rackspace had to make a move to begin leveling the playing field for infrastructure clouds. Time¬†will tell if Rackspace’s “cast a wide ecosystem net” strategy will out-maneuver Amazon’s closed approach.

It’s been a bit slow on the blogging front. I only seem to use this as a platform to announce new positions at companies. Well, I’ll do it again. Several months back I joined Cloudscaling. We’re building infrastructure-as-a-service cloud computing products for service providers.

It should be a fun ride.


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